A.I.K.V.T.A Web Site Launched

New web site launched for A.I.K.V.T.A on 1-1-2013 aikvta.net. The web site is powered by Word Press 3.5, the most power full CMS (Content Management System) ever.

Word Press

Word Press the CMS

aikvta.net is themed by a custom build Responsive layout tailor made for A.I.K.V.T.A . The web site supports all kinds of devices mobile phones, tablets, desktop and what ever devices you can through at, with separate layout for each device it makes easier to use it no matter where you are.

aikvta.net on a tablet

aikvta.net on a Tablet

aikvta.net on a Desktop

aikvta.net on a Desktop

Mobile Phone or devices with resolution less that 680px.

aikvta.net on a Mobile

aikvta.net on a Mobile Device

Creative Suggestions are awaited :) .

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