AIKVTA Expresses its Sincere Gratitude

OM Dated 4th March 2014  & Clarification Dated 11th March 2014

Dear friends

 I salute those teachers and AIKVTA members across the regions for their spirited act for a cause after the OM dated 04-03-2014.

It has been clarified now beyond any doubt that KV teachers have the option to leave the school premises after 6hours 10 minutes. Spending/devoting 1 hour 20minutes of additional time in the school premises is not mandatory; as such none can compel the teachers to stay back in the school premises after regular working hours.                      

Most of the Principals were vaguely misinterpreting the OM dated 04-03-2014 and misusing their power to force the teachers to be in the school after 6hours 10 minutes. DCs were silent on the OM and a few of them didn’t, even, circulate the OM in their respective regions. The condition was very worse in some KVS regions like Bangalore, Sirsa, Mumbai…etc…!

We curse administration for imposing burdens on us and we blame Association for not doing anything. Association is not a CONTRACTING AGENCY; it is a forum of people joined for some common causes. All should strive together to achieve the goals

Now, the teachers have the freedom to leave the school after 6 hours 10 minutes. Let’s sensibly utilize this freedom and let’s all proclaim our commitment and devotion towards the cause of education. Remember- students and teachers are the backbone of education. School has no existence without them.           

Dear teachers, it is a fact that most of us don’t get a few minutes together in the school as our works are many-fold. After the school hours we spend 2 to 3 hours everyday for school works! Now, we are asked to devote only 1 hour 20 minutes optionally in the school premises!

Let’s enjoy the work without diluting our devotion.

Susheel Babu V S                                                                                                                       AIKVTA(HQ)           

Respected teachers,
Even now I am getting calls from some teachers about the doubts in the timings.kindly understand the fact that KVS cannot say teachers to leave the vidyalaya immediately after 6 hrs 10 minutes because it is an act passed by the Parliament.But they can tell it in different ways and they are doing the same. Kindly be sensible and act wisely.If you are not utilizing this fine opportunity, just for getting a smile from some principals you may be the ultimate loser .OPTION is yours.I place my sincere gratitude in records to some sensible principals also for their sincere support for teachers

Suresh G
President Ernakulam Region



Ref: AIKVTA/CHER/021/2013-14.                                              Date…12th March 2014


All the Unit Secretary ,


Chennai Region.

Sub:-Issue of letter to Principals regarding RTE working hour after 6.10 hour work–reg.

Ref:-KVS Clarification letter

Sir/Madam ,

The AIKVTA ,Chennai Region  Thanking  KVS Commissioner ,AIKVTA (Head quarter) and all our members /Teachers in related to the Enhanced time issue  of  KVS clarification dtd 11.03.2014 mentioned as above. All our members  are informed  that to write your option in letter (preferably in AIKVTA  unit  letter head /or other) to the principal and maintained the work done in respect of RTE enhanced working hour assignment of 1hr.20mins every day and keep  as record  for perusal. We  thanks  one and all for the relief to our Teachers.


Yours faithfully

Regional Secretary.

AIKVTA, Chennai  Region.


Copy to:

The Deputy Commissioner ,KVS RO Chennai Region.

All the Principals of Chennai  Region,

Shri.Vijesh Pandy , G S ,AIKVTA , Head Quarters  New Delhi.

Shri.BabuRajan, President AIKVTA,Head Quarters.

Shri.Pethaiyan AIKVTA President,Chennai Region

Shri.GurusamyPandian , treasurer AIKVTA ,Chennai Region

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